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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Big Bad Bloodthirster

Hey dudes!

So, my Crimson Fists Project are almost done and I've already moved on to the next one - super awesome Bloodthirster for my deamon army.
The moment I saw the Forge World Deamon Prince of Khorne model I knew that he will be my new Bloodthirster. It's by far the most beautiful model by FW and maybe even by anyone else too. Its size was perfect, after receiving it I sat down to work almost instantly.
The little fella the DP comes along with was put aside in wait for better days and I started to assemble the soon-to-be Bloodthirster. I pinned his head, hands and feet to make it easier to paint it (I learned that it's necessary few times earlier and I learned it the hard way), I also prepared the base that I painted some time ago.
The biggest problem I had to face was the wings. First of all which one to use and than how to adapt them to fit the mini. After doing some research online and getting my friends' opinions on different models of wings I decide I'll be using the ones from LotR Balrog miniature. We have already used it before for Tyranid Flyrant and I was hoping it will do the trick for the Big Daddy too. And it did :) Of course it required some cutting here and there and swift hand of Brovatar (oh, his hands are so swift!!) to finish it with Green Stuff.
Now it's time for the another big decision - the color scheme. I like the standard red-orange-gold scheme but I was thinking of something darker and with black as a dominant colour. Kinda like on the this juggernauts. Or maybe some out-of-the-box scheme? Any suggestions?

Oh, and here are some pics of this early WIP:

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