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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Necron Fleet Finished

That was a busy week. I finished the army and attended the first major 6th edition national tournament - 3City Heresy in Gdansk, Poland. Army has won the "Players Choice" award and finished on 6th place (similar roster was first - it probably had better general )

 Scythes have really attracted attention.

Those guys were praying for their transport to survive  At the end they've held some objectives and almost never have died.

It was my first tournament using Necrons and I never really had a chance to face Overlord with my Space Wolves but holy cow he is OP  With mindshackles, 2+/3+ and Warscythe - no one could match him (except other Lords)

Who cares about them? 20 points, no value, no firepower etc. Super fast denial unit that's what those guys are - real pain to deal with them.

And another look on bases. People said those are cool - especially the "embarked unit" spot and magnetized sticks for easier transport.

Army is now available on ebay:



  1. Hola
    Muy buena pinta el ejercito,y felicidades por el premio.
    un saludo

  2. Hello, i love your army. Do you played with it?
    It is hard army?


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