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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Painting Blue Horrors - Tutorial

Hey! Horrors are the first unit, which I decided to paint for my new army of daemons. In the standard version horrors are pink, I decided that the dominant color is blue, and pink is the color that completes - fortunately, with the demons of Tzeentch colourful is welcome.
Lets get to it: 1. Skin: - white primer → ice blue → strong wash ashurmen blue → ice blue → highlight with ice blue + skull white
2. Tail and tongue: - white primer → warlock purple → wash baal red (makes whole piece more vivid) → glazing technique till the warlock purple with a lot of skull white in the end
3. Teeth, beaks, claws: - my usual method for bones: white primer → ushabti bone (old bleached bone) → wash devlan mud → ushabti bone → tips with skull white
4. Jewelery: - after few experiments I ended with something like that: black primer → burnish gold → wash devlan mud → burnish gold → softly mithril silver in places where could be reflections
5. Feathers: - I choose natural look: white primer → fortress grey → wash devlan mud → fortress grey → skull white. Black tips: black primer → mechanicus standard grey (new) → wash badab black → mechanicus standard grey → fortress grey
6. Gems: - to break the colour I decided to make them green: white primer → dark angels green → scorpion green → skull white (We are planning whole tutorial about gems).
7. Base: - deamons so the obvious choice is lava, I've decided to not use any tufts - leaving the burned, dry rock. Hope you like my first unit for my Daemon Army. Asarnil.


  1. Great tutorial, thank you!


  2. Great tut, walkthrough on the horrors. Have a 100 or so of them, so will refer back to this for colors when I get to them :)


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