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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Minions went to the DEN!

Den of Imagination and Minion Studio were two separate projects running by friends in the same city. Both projects started in around 2008. We've began to take small commissions as a side work. These were small orders mostly for our friends and colleagues. Over the years the commissions kept coming from all over the world and we've decided to open a professional Painting Studios. We are still growing, we are all friends and we decided there is no reason to do it separately anymore. We are merging together.

It seems it is "the biggest fusion in the history of European painting studios or at least in our home city"...- if you can't imagine what happened, here is something that might help you:

      So from now on we will all work under the "Den of Imagination" banner. What does it mean for our old and new clients? Bigger, better, faster :) We are moving to new studio location, preparing Youtube videos, employing new painters and sculptors. We have new challenges ahead of us, for example moving content from one website to another will take some time but in the end everyone will benefit. The idea for all those moves came from wikipedia blog username Heraclitus, he/she wrote: "The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change".

     One thing left to do - CELEBRATE!!!

You can do anything!

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