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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Not only a memory remains

Hey guys!
Today we take a trip back to the day when we did our first work as the Minions team - Island of Blood with a decorative base for our local and befriended store - Grajfer.
We asked the nice guys from Grajfer to retake some photos of the minis and the base and here you can see how do they look after six months (was it really that long ago?) of pleasing the eyes of the store's clients and serving as a learning tool for fresh and unexperienced WFB younglings.

Many things have changed since our first painting job but one thing surely stays the same - our love to painting and battle games. It is so big that even the words of Lionel Richie's classic hit can't describe it well enough. Unless they're sung by the finest actors in Hollywood!

Enjoy :)

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