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Friday, January 4, 2013

It's not easy being green

Hey guys!
Remember the mysterious project we showed you few days ago? THIS ONE
Well we've decided to not keep you in ignorance any longer.
First of all let us show you how those two fine gentelmen look finished:

And they are... 2 ork nobz in mega armors :) They are a part of an orks' contingent allied with pre-heresy chaos space marines that we already started painting some time ago.

Lets talk about them analysing several of their aspects as we belive its a good opportunity to talk more about creativity and out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to painting models.
Models - we used FW epic titans - we had some doubts at first if the scale will be appropriate if they won't look just as miniaturised titans. But we took the chance and it's turned out perfectly. The size of the models is perfect - they're a little bit bigger than terminators and about the same height as nobz in mega armors (they're not as bulky though - that's for sure!) When they stand next to the marines you can easily tell they are "the big guys". And they stand up sufficiently enough that it's obvious they belong to some other force than the regular marines.
Conversions - orks got klaws, what do titans get? Well, also claws but not so rusty ;) Kosa - one of our most talented minions - made a conversion of a terminator arm and added a single blade which clearly suggests a connection to the famous weapon of choice of da orks. Few moments with green stuff and the arm fitted the rest of the model perfectly.
Painting - we preserved the original green gold colour scheme as we didn't want any doubts on which side they're fighting! And here again - we changed it only a little bit just to give them slightly different feel than the rest of the marines but not too much to avoid any confusion. A strong OSL arround the eyes gave them more dynamic and epic look.
Bases - as you can see they differ from the other ones too. But yet again - just a little bit. We maintained the same desert-ish look but we added extra urban element - cables, broken concrete, an old, half-burried ventilator.

We hope you enjoyed seeing their pictures as well as reading our little analisys.
Let us know what you think. Do you like the direction this project take? Would you change anything? What are your ideas?
Meanwhile, all the minions would like to wish you happy new year!

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