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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lone Wolf (WIP)

I had an idea of a duel for months now. Finally I have some time between projects to start it. As always I imagined more that I could handle as a side work - some ideas have to wait for the next project. 

That picture was the inspiration. Unwrapped box of Space Wolves Terminators and some Genestealers from Space Hulk made the rest. The idea is simple. Frozen hill/rock/mountain, a deadly environment - Lone Wolf seeking for a fight. I have choosen this particular Genestealer so the duel will have double meaning. The serious one - Lone Wolf is fighting to the death, has lost his helmet, wounded opponent is approaching, in few seconds only one will survive.

The fun part is that it may look like genestealer is giving the helmet to his owner - thats why I want to make the inscription on plate for example: Is this your helmet sir? What do you think? Which aspect you found more appropriate - grim or fun one?

I went with chain fist and storm shield for the equipment - model will be playable and I really love that combination. Terminator armour and storm shield make him really unbreakable and with chain fist he can even open vehicles with AV14.

I started to work on the scenic base. I’ll show you more after the weekend. Probably :)

Hope you like my little idea.

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