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Friday, February 15, 2013

Dark Angels project continues

Hey guys!

So our Dark Angels project is speeding up. We have arround half of the work done already and I must say the results are pretty satisfying.
After assembling all the models I primed them with white (as usual). Then there was a decision time - I split all the models into four separate groups - each of the group was about to be airbrushed with a different colour. That specific tactic allowed us to save quite a lot of time making the whole process efficient and effective.
Here are the pictures of each group:

First one was green - airbrushed with Vallejo Camo Light Green. It was then washed with a mix of Dark Angels Green and water. As you can see we have here all the parts that will be dark green at the end - tactical squad, hands and backpacks for veterans, almost the whole dreadnought and few others.

The second part is boney white. Here we decided to just wash the white prime with Gryphonne Sepia. The results were quite satisifying. We have here the Deathwing squad with Belial, Scouts, veterans' bodies and heads and a Land Raider. The Land Raider was a bit tricky though - all the flat surfaces didn't respond well the the heavy washing we treated them with at first. Few adjustements to the consistency of the wash and a technique of its application and it was done.

Next group consisted of all the dark grey parts - so almost exclusively Ravenwing part of the army. We used Vallejo German Grey and even though it seemed that the colour is to dark, almost black a soft, selective washing gave them a nice depth.

Last but not least - a fourth group where all the metals got their place. So we have here dread's legs, Talon's engines, Land Raider's lascannons and tracks, marines' bolters and few other heavy stuff. We went with Vallejo Gun Metal. There were some concerns about using a metallic paint with the airbrush (mostly I was afraid that it will get stacked inside the airbrush more easily) but it went suprisingly well - no problems here. All of the metal parts were washed with Nuln Oil (that's the new Badab Black). Results - very good.

The next phase consists of working on each group one by one with the attempt to finish the first one before moving to the second one and so on. I did menage to finish the green group entirely today but our camera decided to go on the strike - so no photos today :( Hopefully we will get them for you this weekend. I must say, I'm really happy with the results, the greens are looking pretty damm well for my taste and hopefully I will be able to keep the same level of self-satisfaction during all of the three resting groups.

That's for now.
Peace out and happy painting!

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