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Saturday, October 20, 2012

New is always better!

Hey guys!
We have been absent for a while. Due to some IRL issues we couldn't work on the blog for past few weeks. But we are back. With a new look, clearer layout and some big plans for the future.
As for now we're busy with some intresting things.
Bania has started a new Necron project. It will be 20 warriors and 6 oval bases done in the same (but improved!) way as the army we listed on e-bay (CLICK HERE)
Me, I have finally finished my Crimson Fists combat squad. I'll post the pictures soon. They will be avaible to buy on e-bay. In the meantime I was working on my deamon army, I hope I'll have something to show you in few days also.
As for plans - I will not spoil the surprise for you but soon we'll provide new content in also new form. Well for us it will be new, certainly not for you guys :)
And as a proof that the title is true and awsome here is what an authority on the subject has to say:

Take care guys and keep it real!

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