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Monday, April 2, 2012

Blood Angels by Lord Szopa

Here are my brothers who – with pride and honour – wear their armours coloured with
blood. Blood which they shed that much during hundreds of battles on almost all of the
planets known to humanity. Blood which was shed in the name of the Emperor whilst
fighting againts rotten, traitorous and cowardly hordes of Chaos and other sub-races who
couldn't bow before the power of the one and only Master of the Universe.
Brother Rafael,
3rd Company of Blood Angels Chapter

Painting description of Blood Angels by Lord Szopa:
- I undercoat the mini with GW Chaos Black;
- I paint the whole model with Mechrite Red;
- I paint the details with several different colours (Ultramarine Blue, Scorpion Green,
Boltgun Metal), however if it comes to gold, the GW colours don't really fit for me, so I use
Liquid Gold - Rich Gold from Vallejo;
- Next I wash the whole mini with Badab Black, to accelarate the drying process I use the
hair dryer;
- Once it's dried I redo the details with Blood Reda and in some places with Mechrite Red;
- I work on the smallest details like eyes, sights, armour's ornaments;
- On the most visible edges I highlight using Blazing Orange and Macharius Solar Orange;
- At the end I paint the base (2 or 3 colours), I add sand and static grass;
- I cover all with transparent and matt varnish, thick layer, to protect the mini;
As a conclusion I'll add that I don't restrict myself to GW colours, I try to experiment using
paints of Vallejo or Pactra (acryclic A46 black matt for example).

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