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Monday, February 6, 2012

Let's start

We are minions! Few words of intruduction.

Here we go! The minions went out to conquer the world of Internet, of miniatures and of tournaments.
Who we are, you ask? We are a group of friends who – from many years – play, paint, convert and spend time together with battle games – is it Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Warhammer 40k or any other niche systems.
Whom we serve, you ask? As minions we always have to serve someone (stating the obvious!), sometimes we sarve an idea, sometimes we serve one of the pro-players and sometimes we even serve one of us.
What are our plans, you ask? First and obvious – to go out from the abyss of our hidings and sail out on the open space of the Internet's ocean, to share with others what we know and what we love doing. Second, also obvious – gain the public! Hell yeah! A minion's soul is thrilled when someone else expresses his approbation about him, when he pets and spoils with a kind word. And third – certainly obvious as well – each minion wants to be a better minion for his master, that's why he enjoys any kind of self-improvement.

Soon, the first part of minions' scribbles will appear, wait for it with impatience!
Meanwhile, just to seem well organized, we present a short description of the sections and what you – dear reader – will be able to find in each of them:
  •  Painting: here, as the name suggests, we will put our painted armies and the projects done for non-minions from the whole wide world.
  •  Sculpting: the most talented among all the minions will brag here about their admirable sculptures.     
  • Tournaments: who would be a minion if he didn't want to compete and win trophies for his master? Nobody, I say, nobody! Here you'll find our stories form tournaments, our photos from voyages and some light reflections about the fact how pro-players are we.
 Look forward to our next appearance, meanwhile we vanish in the clouds of smoke and sulfur's odor, PUF!

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