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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Dark Angels

Hey folks!

While Bania and Kosa are working on their super awesome project of Wehrmacht Orks (if you haven't seen it yet, they are here --> CLICK) the rest of us minions got a very interesting and promising project of a Dark Angels' army.

This project will be done for a french store located in Lille where the army will be used as a eye-catching diorama and a tool to each young padawans difficult skills of battle strategy. Check their site here --> CLICK and if you happen to pass through the beautifull city of Lille, make sure you step by and say hello to them.

We just got the package with all the Dark Angels goodies inside. All got sorted out, examined with quite a load of exitement and put on a shelf. Tomorrow we'll start unpacking, cutting off, glueing and all that good stuff.

As you can see the army will be quite versatile - there will be some standard troops, there will be a Deathwing part and a Ravenwing part. Everything will be led to battle by three special characters of the Dark Angels - Sammael, Asmodai and Belial. I hope you'll tune in for the next parts of this progres because it shapes up really really nicely.

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